Friday, November 6, 2009

Voice for Life Cranbourne hosts Y4L speaker

WHAT: "A Person is a Person" - Y4L speaker and dvd presentation
WHEN: Thursday 12 November
WHERE: St Agatha's Hall, 1 Scott Street, Cranbourne
TIME: 7.30pm

Come along to hear Youth For Life's president Prue Neiberding speak on a variety of different issues facing the pro-life movement today.

Learn how you can best participate in pro-life street activism and the importance of doing so as we fight abortion in a secular society, the issue of bloodguilt and how it relates to abortion in our time, and the survivors of the abortion holocaust including stories of those who lived to tell the tale!

View a 26 minute dvd on effective pro-life activism and learn how we can harness the strategies learned throughout to fit with our own culture right here in Melbourne!


Youth For Life is a voluntary group geared for young people, and was assembled to combat the reprehensible Abortion Law Reform Bill, which passed into law in October of 2008.

Indentifying a crucial role as young people to stand up against the purveyors of death, Youth For Life members are committed to peacefully but none the less relentlessly fighting the barbaric actions of an industry that massacres our children and wounds their parents – through street sessions, rallies, roadshows, speaking events, educational programs and youth camps.

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